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My JSS Prize to Florida Was More than Just a HOT Trip!

This trip was a true opportunity and helped me see a vision for myself

Florida is beautiful and HOT!!! The Atlantic Ocean was fabulous and so WARM!!! A bit different from the snowy mountains of Montana and high dessert of Bend Oregon!

Meeting Jesse Briggs from Yellow Strawberry

I had the pleasure of meeting Jesse, Flo, and Denise Briggs of the Yellow Strawberry Salon! Jesse put me up in the famous Riverside Hotel right in the heart of Fort Lauderdale.


My Journey into Junior Style Stars


MeganMeganI am currently attending Marinello Schools of Beauty. Ever since I was a young girl, I have had a love and passion for doing hair. The beauty industry has so much to offer and I look forward to starting my career in this field.


Never Late to Follow Your Dreams


If  I’m going to tell my story I suppose I should start with where I grew up, my hometown (a rural area an hour away from being able to go to a movie or  Wal-Mart)  is a small mining town dubbed “The Armpit of America” by the New York Times. I graduated from this small town in 2000 and moved to Reno, NV. As long as I could remember I had a passion for hair….doing my doll’s hair as a child and friend’s hair as I got older. I moved to Reno after graduating high school and thought about going to cosmetology school but soon became pregnant with my first child and my priority was to be a mother.


Schools Heat Map