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RULES AND REGULATIONS - How to Approve Other SmartPhones for JSS Contest

If photography by iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 is absolutely not possible we will accept other high-end smart phones that satisfy following TWO steps.

Step 1 ) Check The Pixel Quality: Your Smartphone's rear camera must have a resolution of 5 to 8 MegaPixel.

Step 2 ) Check The Aspect Ratio: Your photos must have the the aspect ratio of 4:3 (1.33:1). The aspect ratio of an image describes the proportional relationship between its width and its height.You must make sure your camera can either produce this aspect ratio directly or post-process your images by Picasa. (available free to download from

How do you know if you have the correct aspect ratio or not? This is easy. Look at the width and hight of your image in pixel size. Divide the height with width and if your result is 1.33 then you have the 4:3 aspect ratio and your images are acceptable. Remember that we are not looking for scientific accuracy. If your calculator produced 1.34 or 1.32 then it is still in range of 4:3 (rounded value).

Taken by Razor Droid in 16:9 ratioTaken by Razor Droid in 16:9 ratioTaken by iPhone4 4:3 ratioTaken by iPhone4 4:3 ratio

The left photo above is taken by a Motorola Razor Droid which satisfy the requirement of having a 8 MegaPixel camera BUT the aspect ratio is 16:9 similar to HDTV screens. You can compare the image to the one on right taken by iPhone4 in 4:3 standard ratio which is accepted in our competition. 

To fix this you either need to go back to your camera setting and change the ratio/settings OR crop the image with the right proportion without impacting the quality of image or part of the mannequin.

Open your image with Picase, select "Recrop" on left panel and choose "4:3 standard screen" from list then drag on image to select and position the highlighted overlay. Accept when you happy with result.

Edit Photo with PicasaEdit Photo with Picasaselect 4:3 standard from listselect 4:3 standard from list

Now that your image is cropped to 4:3, you need to export it to a separate folder.

Export image to folder...Export image to folder...Export PanelExport Panel

Select "Export Image to Folder" from File menu, choose a folder, set the image size to "Use original size" to keep the quality and then Export it!

Here is the result:

New aspect ratioNew aspect ratioCompare to 4:3 by iPhoneCompare to 4:3 by iPhone


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